Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Teen Spirit

I am a true follower of the color black. I find myself constanly dressing in it head to toe. I only snap out of my black daze as a friend refers to me as "dressing like a emo". Despite my love for black there is something so effortly cool as dressing for your age. I'm refering to the teenage girls out there who much like myself, may be missing out. Please don't misinterpet me for saying I approve of still wearing the same Bardot dress every single girl seems to own and pair it with the same pair of tarty heels. I'm more going for the heavy boots paired with a delicate dress and cropped jacket. Or biker jacket paired with dainty flats and a splash of pink here and there. So let out your hair girls.

And if your outfit fails

or if your in doubt...

Wink, Peace, and Pout!