Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Sensation

As much as i want to remain wearing my second hand denim shorts and tight singlets here in Melbourne winter is definitly here. It comes suddenly here. One day its beach weather the next strap on 10 layers its 10 degrees weather!
So shocked by the weather change I quickly ran to my local newstand to buy the new edition of RUSSH magazine. RUSSH is a Australian magazine whom of which i would choose over Vogue (shock, horror, gasp!) because it's so good. My sad feelings of dreading winter were instantly washed away as i flipped through the shiney pages full of leather jackets and studded leggings. The question I settle for being completly content with a closet full of beautiful black winter clothing like most of Melbourne confines to..or do I splash out and get that Camilla and Marc jacket in a brighter shade?


6 comments: - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

hi dear passionate friend

i just discovered your blog !
it's a new one : congratulation !

ps : is it Agyness deyn, the blond girk next to the bicycle ?
if so, did you take the photo ?

by the way, as my photos of Sarah Jessica Parker in Paris please lot of people, i just wanted to alert the Sex and the City fan you are that i posted 90+ photo of my meeting with Sarah.

I hope you'll like the ambiance i tried to describe.

Enjoy and by the way : congratulation for your nice blog.
le'ts swicth link, if i can help you, i'll do it !

i wish you a lot of happiness !

street style romancer in Paris

ms. d said...

new blog! great one and good luck with it

Annabel said...

i just bought that copy of RUSSH yesterday, yeah definitely way better than Australian vogue!

Miss at la Playa said...

everytime I visit your blog I love it more :)

Where did you find the pic of "Suite dreams", or where is it from?

Anonymous said...

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