Monday, April 28, 2008

It is a love and love reolationship.

Nice to know my school blazer can acually be useful for something yummy.


Miss at la Playa said...

I love your blog, I added you to my list, add me?

because im addicted said...

i love love love those blazers!

Holly Golightly said...

I´ve added yoy to mi blogroll too (as my little Miss) because I like the sight of your blog, the style and the ideology.

I think that this site has an special touch, an special look behind the html code. So, I enjoy it and I´v decided add to my links.

If you want, check my blog and you can add Cool&Chic, my blog, to your list.

Thank you and a Kiss!

capuccino bar said...

I want one. It is inmy list of "spring's wishes :)"

Mimi said...

I want a blazer like this too :(