Saturday, April 5, 2008

Suite Dreams

On my holiday away in Bali, Indonesia inbetween massages and soaking in the powerful UV rays (a no-no without a wide brimmed Mimco hat, large ksubi sunglasses, a mix of sunscreen and coconut oil and a Zimmerman ruffled bikini) I had alot of time to ravish my fashion magazines along my private villa pool side. (Amen to the holidays which were much needed after a hard first term of year 11 of too many lit essays and history reportable tasks) Along my fave and classic magazines is NYLON. Within the Febuary 2008 issue (theme London) I came upon a fashion feature which my eyes ate upon. Suite dreams was exactly my cup of tea 'a romp at London's Lingham Hotel wouldn't be the same without truckloads of batty british fashion'. Oh bliss and yum yum yum. I love the palate of leathers, heeled sneakers, and layered bits and pieces. So even as I was sitting in some form of paradise it made me want to jump on a plane home to melbourne to shop. My oh my, my suite sometimes ain't sweet enough..poor little rich girl.
Intill then,
If in Doubt, Wink, Peace, and Pout!